Conference: Basic Skills for Literacy Learning





The LAC Reads Capacity Program (LRCP), of the United States Agency for International Development (USAID), organized the conference "Basic Skills for Literacy Learning: New Findings from the Psychology of Perception".  In this pedagogical space, the attendees had the opportunity to participate in a discussion and reflection on innovative aspects for the teaching of early literacy.

The conference was given by Dr. Helen Abadzi, a renowned expert in cognitive neuroscience and polyglot, who has focused her work on effective literacy teaching for vulnerable populations. In line with her more than 40 publications on the subject, Dr. Abadzi emphasized the fundamental elements for literacy learning from cognitive neuroscience, and made several recommendations for its teaching and implementation in public policies in the Dominican Republic and other countries in the region.

"Basic skills for literacy learning: New findings from the psychology of perception" was the inaugural lecture of "TransFórmate", a process capacity building program in early grade literacy, organized jointly by the LRCP and the Ministry of Education of the Dominican Republic (MINERD), for 100 technicians, coordinators and directors of the Directorates of Early and Primary Education located in the educational districts of Tamayo and Jimaní.



If you missed the event or wish to re-watch the webinar we invite you to watch the full recording







View or download Dr. Helen Abadzi's presentation (in Spanish): "Basic skills for literacy learning: New findings from the psychology of perception". screen_shot_2021-07-09_at_3.32.26_pm_0.png Visit the library of decodable and leveled books of USAID's Proyecto Leer (in Spanish), by clicking here.